Welcome to the Innovator's DNA Assessments

We’re delighted that you want to learn more about your personal profile as an innovator, developer, and executor of new ideas. These assessments include several different question types to help us identify your discovery and delivery skills. For your Self Assessment’s results to be most valuable, be self-reflective and answer each question as honestly as possible. This will give you the most accurate picture of your current profile. It is also important to answer each question according to your current actions, how you actually do things day to day, and not how you think you should act or would ideally like to act. If you are taking the 360 assessment as a rater, the same approach of answering each question based on your ratee's current actions applies.

You must answer each question to complete the assessment. If the question doesn’t apply to your situation, simply select the “N/A” button for “Not Applicable.” After completing the Self Assessment, you can then see your Innovator’s DNA Feedback Report, which contains your innovation profile and additional details about your assessment results.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at support@innovatorsdna.com.

And now your innovation journey is ready to launch!